The “A Serbian Film Auction” has been put on HOLD due to eBay taking all of the listings down. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have been on the phone with eBay staff and management about this for the past 3 days but, despite our appeals, their position is that they want nothing to do with A Serbian Film. They have even refused to sell the costumes, stuffed toys and well, you know, the other stuff.
We have decided to resolve the situation by setting up our own online auction site; a place where the eBay thought police will be unable to enforce their narrow-minded morality test. We have decided that there will be no more misguided corporate interference in the choice of items that we put on sale. It is important to us that our customers are allowed the freedom to purchase items without eBay looking over their shoulder and making decisions for them.
We will have the new auction site up and active within the next week on the A Serbian Exhibition website at: aserbianexhibition.com

We are happy to announce that the gallery exhibition and screening at Lethal Amounts and the Downtown Independent theater was a roaring success and we thank everyone who attended. The storyboard pages and posters (only a few left) are still up for sale on eBay and the props, costumes and other items will be back up for sale shortly.
Death and Dismemberment,
Stephen Biro
Unearthed Films

Special Appearance! Jelena Gavrilovic, Milos' Wife in A Serbian Film

We  are proud to announce that actress Jelena Gavrilovic, who played Marija, aka Milos' wife in A Serbian Film, will be joining us at A SERBIAN FILM EXHIBITION for the screening, after-party, and gallery exhibit at Lethal Amounts Gallery on May 18, 19, and 20. She will be signing autographs. This is Jelena' first public appearance in the United States.